id: 20399



Birth Date



5'4''-5'5'' (161-165 cm)



Eye Color


Hair Color

Dark brown









Marital Status

Never been married







English Speaking Skills*

With difficulties



Age criteria

from 20 to 65 years old

Aim of acquaintance

Long-lasting relationships

* The level of English,
is evaluated by the
Lady herself


I am a traveler by my nature. However, I travel not only across countries and continents, but also across the life in general. After all, this is the most interesting journey. Is not it? I love to watch the flow of life. It's mesmerizing. I have never been able to catch my luck. Now I'm looking for my companion, my beloved one, who will come into my life, to put everything in the right places. I'm not looking for gold and diamonds. I'm looking for sincere feelings, openness, honesty and trust. This is something that can make any person happy, and I am no exception. I always start communicating with honesty and openness. Are you ready to do the same? It is not as difficult as you think. Lies and mistrust burdened soul. Why should we carry around extra weight through the life? I do not wear masks and hate hiding behind false smiles. I'm an open book. Look at me and you will understand everything. I could become for you the one you are looking for: best friend, fantastic lover, perfect wife or intimate secret. You choose… I am giving you a chance to become happy. Don’t miss it.


Drawing! Drawing is not just my hobby. It's my way of perceiving life. Drawing pictures of life, other people's faces, my fantasies helps me to understand the world better in all its colors. Drawing is not just a hobby - it's a lifestyle. Looking at the world through the prism of a painted picture, I can see more details and little things that we miss in everyday life. I see the feelings that stream from us and to us. This is life. Painting helps me capture my feelings and emotions in different moments of life. I can draw everything: joy and disappointment, happiness and sorrow, love and hate. Representing my feelings and experiences on paper helps me release myself from the negativity that they are, keeping only all good things.

Her Type of Man

Poet or a wanderer, an artist or an actor, a musician or a businessmen... I do not care who will be my beloved one. I only wish him to be an open and honest with me. I'm looking for a man who will make me complete, who will help me to keep firmly on my feet, when I want to fall, who will help me to spread my wings wider before a flight – to fly high above. The man who will accept my warmth and care. Whom I will help to leave all bad things behind and enjoy his happiness. I believe that this combination is exactly what makes life together perfect. Isn’t it?

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